Zinging up your vibes! New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Sunday afternoon, 13 September 2015 (AEST)

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We won’t be able to see it in Australia but there will be a partial solar eclipse together with the new Moon in Virgo at 4.41 pm on Sunday 13 September 2015, AEST.

Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean we won’t have opportunities to make fabulous changes in our lives.

We can all tap into this energy because we all have Virgo somewhere in our charts– just as Virgoans have all the other signs somewhere in their chart, too.

The new Moon is an excellent time to set new intentions and initiate activities that will serve you into the future.

Even if you don’t know where Virgo falls in your chart, honouring its energy will still be beneficial. There’s loads of value everyone can receive from this astrological Virgo festival!

So, switch your thinking to new beginnings– everything from renovating your routine to sacred service and enjoy the sense of calm self-mastery that comes with it.

Set your intentions with Virgo energy– here’s a few suggestions


  • Banish your inner critic and identify as many attributes as you can confirming your brilliance
  • Enjoy conversations with people who can offer different perspectives
  • Take time to reflect on your own wisdom and wise words from others that you can act on
  • Make a pact with yourself to clean up, fix, throw out (or donate) anything that no longer serves you or a healthy body, mind and spirit
  • Take your inner Priestess/Priest for a walk and enjoy the environment– especially a tranquil spot in nature
  • Breathe deeply; be peaceful and grateful
  • Drink more water (especially warm water) because it helps to hydrate the body, eliminate toxins and assists in reducing excess body fat
  • Aim for and get 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis
  • Increase the amount of innercise in your life– contemplation, meditation, journalling your thoughts, doodling–¬ whatever appeals to you and allows new thoughts to inspire you
  • List 3 things that you can do to help yourself and others–¬ service is the domain of Virgo

Have fun being awesome!


Virgo Wisdom

have funThe wisdom of Virgo energy relates to providing service to society in a practical, methodical and discerning way. It is driven to bring matter under the discipline of the mind but is aware that the mind serves spirit.

Virgo is associated with the body and health in particular. The body is the temple is a Virgoan principle.

The constellation of Virgo depicts the vestali or priestesses of the Roman Goddess Vesta and the Greek Goddess, Hestia, who served both the temple and society.

The Virgo energy shines brightest when it is serving humanity in a useful and meaningful way. It is the master of craft and wants to make improvements to create something better to give back.

virgoIndicators that Virgoans could spend more time and effort looking after themselves rather than others …

Virgoans can stretch the frontier of their wisdom by recognising and managing any tendency to get too caught up in details, especially trivial ones; redefining any impossible ideal of perfection; ditching self-criticism and any tendency to criticise others; and breathing deeply and relaxing through feelings of anxiety.

The fascinating and technical stuff


The planetary energy will be at 20 degrees and 10 minutes of Virgo so anyone with a Virgo Sun or Ascendant/Rising sign and those with planets at 20 degrees of Virgo (and Pisces) will have opportunities for new beginnings over the next several months.

Also, those with mutable energy¬– Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini, strong in their natal astrology charts may feel this new Moon eclipsed sun energy the most over the next few months.


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