Try soothing Lavender oil for restorative sleep

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The aroma of lavender oil has long been associated with supporting a good night’s sleep.

Is burning lavender oil something that you could try to relax and improve your ability to fall asleep? Here’s what to do …

Look after and nurture yourself by preparing an oil burner in your bedroom about one hour before settling into bed each night; then feel it’s calming effects.

What you’ll need

  • An oil burner – it doesn’t matter what size or shape it is. They all have a place to sit the candle at the bottom and a receptacle for the water at the top.
  • A tea light candle.A bottle of lavender essential oil. Make sure it is a good quality essential oil and not synthetic perfumed oil.
  • Hot water.
  • A cleared space for your oil burner away from children and curtains or anything that poses a safety risk near a lit candle and hot water.


An hour before you go to bed …

  • Boil water in the kettle– oil burners work by diffusing the essential oil in water.
  • Prepare your oil burner by placing it where you want it in your bedroom and well away from anything that can catch fire from the candle, such as a curtain.
  • Take the kettle to the burner and three-quarters fill the receptacle at the top of the burner with the hot water. Hot water will diffuse the aroma more quickly than cold and the heat from the candle will keep the aroma activated.
  • Drip several drops of lavender oil into the hot water– how many drops will depend on the size of the water receptacle and the size of your bedroom. It’s okay to experiment. Try 6 drops to begin with.
  • Place the candle in the cradle at the bottom of the burner and light it.
  • Close your bedroom door to retain the aroma in your room.
  • When you’re ready to sleep, extinguish the candle, breathe slowly and deeply and drift off into restorative slumber.

Good to know …

If you don’t like the scent of lavender or you’ve had an experience involving the scent of lavender that triggers negative memories, don’t use it or any other essential oil that causes discomfort.

There are other essential oils such as Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram and Ylang Ylang that also calms and promotes sleep, so try one or a blend of these.

Avoid damaging your furniture. Make sure you don’t leave bottles of essential oil on surfaces such as stained wooden tables.

Don’t forget about the candle if you need to go out unexpectedly; extinguish it.

About essential oils

Pure essential oils are 100% plant essence and possess the energy of life from the plant.

Depending on the chemical composition of the particular oil, they can stimulate, relax, provide anti-inflammatory effects or other outcomes including irritation. Care should be taken and advice sought if necessary– particularly if using topically, such as mixed with a carrier oil. Lavender, however, is generally considered safe. It is also reasonably priced.

Essential oils physically affect how you feel. This is why you should avoid burning an essential oil that has an aroma that generates a negative memory or feeling for you.

If you’re using essential oils in an oil burner, you need to dilute them in hot water. This is how they work best. Don’t burn essential oils without water; you’ll end up with a sticky mess and a diminished effect.

You’ll need to clean the oil burner, as essential oils will stick to the bottom of the dish.

I studied aromatherapy as part of qualifying as a relaxation and remedial massage therapist and use them regularly at home.

I hope you enjoy exploring the many blessings of essential oils.

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