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A brave heart Leo new Moon roars in on Wednesday 3 August at 6.44 am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (9.44 pm on Tuesday 2 Aug in the UK).

The Sun and the Moon will be at 10° 57’ in fiery Leo and having a party with Venus, also in Leo, Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius (fire) and Uranus in Aries (fire).

New beginnings are always on offer at a new Moon and we all have Leo somewhere in our birth chart. It’s great for planting intentions of how and where we want to shine.

Leo energy characterizes courage, fun, love, joy, passion (for something or someone) and heart-felt action to express our creative mission – whatever that means for all of us. The Sun remains in Leo until 22 August – it’s definitely time to play!

Be aware of the negative expression of Leo, which can be self-aggrandising, superior and self-righteous.



We may feel Uranus (innovation, shock, sudden) quite strongly as it has just moved retrograde at 24° Aries. We’ve seen it manifest across the world as it squared up with an aggressive side of Mars and explode in violence and destruction.


Venus and Saturn at this Leo new Moon

Leo New MoonAt this Leo new Moon and surrounding days, there could be sudden and unexpected events, opportunities and breakthroughs – especially in love, because Uranus will be in a harmonious relationship (trine) with Venus, the goddess of love. Venus also relates to our values, our finances and what we consider to be beautiful things in life.

Saturn, with his rings of right action, also speaks in harmony (trine) with the new Moon and Sun. It helps us recognise what’s possible and what’s not in terms of what foundations we have in place to support our Leonine, magnanimous desires. Saturn provides an understanding of the discipline and patience needed to produce stability and growth.

Mars now moves into Sagittarius and out of its long sojourn in deep, fixed, Scorpio. That possibly nightmarish feeling of struggling in deep, murky waters, potentially surrounded by sharks or crocodiles, dissipates. Now we can wade out of the swamp and live in an expansive, heart-centred way. Mars in fiery, optimistic Sagittarius asks us to be aware of how, where and why we are placing our energy regarding our beliefs and living in our truth.



Leo new Moon and the Yod

New Moon Leo 3 Aug 2016

This Leo new Moon also forms an uncommon Yod pattern in the sky.

Neptune (spirituality, creativity, higher consciousness) is in its home sign of Pisces and sextiles or creates opportunity with Pluto (complex reservoir of feelings around fear, power, trust and betrayal; often those that need to be brought to consciousness and eliminated) in Capricorn. Both Neptune and Pluto form an awkward, irritating angle (quinqunx or 5/12) to the new Moon at the apex of the pattern, indicating the need to make an adjustment regarding our emotions that could be operating from an arrogant, full of ourselves perspective.

This Yod pattern may be calling us to feel and know our complexes, especially our fears; face and study them and use our inner authority to bring them to the surface for release. Neptune encourages our higher consciousness but can fall short and be out of focus with reality. We need to avoid delusion, victimhood, grandiosity and over-reaching any misguided sense of power.


Centreing in our heart, kindness and generosity of spirit will be a great approach at this gorgeously spirited Leo new Moon.




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