Saturn in Sagittarius – life can sizzle

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(NASA photo)

Compared to other planets, Saturn’s appearance  is very crisp, definitive and disciplined.

So is its energy!

Today, Saturday 19 September (AEST) Saturn moved into the sign of Sagittarius after hanging out in Scorpio for the last few years (apart from when it dipped its toe into Sagittarius for a while around Christmas 2014).

Saturn is the energy that asks us to get real and set strong foundations that nurture our future. Saturn  is known as the hard taskmaster but it wants the best for us. It demands that we apply self-discipline and ground the path to our goals. It will throw pressure at us as it calls us to show up to the improvements required.

Fiery Sagittarius is optimistic and energized by new and exciting dreams and ventures.

What a combination!


Sagittarius is a fun, optimistic energy that wants to explore the world and the philosophies within it to the max’. It is the seeker, energized by new and exciting ventures. It values freedom and wants to bring the knowledge that it has discovered to the world. It needs to reach out, upwards and beyond. It is impulsive, positive energy with the initiation of fire constantly igniting its thoughts.

Sagittarian energy is not necessarily known for loving detailed work, yet Saturn requires us to be pragmatic and responsible for the specifics of our dreams.

When we lay strong foundations for our adventures, Saturn will support us to find the treasure we seek.

Even when you think it’s hindering you, Saturn is actually assisting

Do it right in black


Where dreams, goals and projects are entered into on a whim without proper thought and strategies, Saturn will apply limitations. This energy will remind us that if we want to achieve something we have to do it right!




Saturn will show us what we’ve missed, not understood and need to change. It asks that we own our feelings and make adjustments to support our uniqueness.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a time to develop and trust our wisdom; persevere with our dreams; restructure and consolidate actions to achieve our goals; learn from mistakes; embrace the call to action and claim our authority.

Fear is a common feeling that rears its head with Saturn energy. Fear can often translate to denying one’s own sense of self-worth and competence.

Be aware of the inner critic and reject its bullying nature. Take time to examine situations, identify issues that aren’t working and focus on making constructive changes to achieve your dreams.

When we work with Saturn, life can sizzle!












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