Sagittarius full Moon and the Solstice – Potent Energy!

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Exciting and beautiful energy abounds to extend our thinking, joy and love at this second Sag full moon; this time at 29° 32’ of Sagittarius at 9.02 pm on Monday 20 June 2016 – AEST. Just hours later, at 8.34 am on Tuesday (AEST), the Sun moves into the cardinal and season changing sign of Cancer.

In the northern hemisphere (UK time), the full Moon is at 12.02 pm on the 20th and the solstice occurs that night at 11.34 pm.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Chart (Melbourne, Australia)

Full Sag Moon 20 June



At a full Moon, the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun from Earth’s perspective. So, on one side of Earth we have the Sun in Gemini at 29° 32’ and the Moon on the other side in the opposite sign of Sagittarius.





These two signs are mutable – that is, they are flexible, adaptable with a love of conversation and connecting people, places and things (Gemini) to the highest ideals and spiritual wisdom (Sagittarius).


signs of the zodiac

The Critical Degree

The 29° is known as ‘anaretic’ in astrology language which means a critical degree. It’s at the cusp of signs. In Gemini and Sagittarius, the 29° is extra potent because it is on the cusp of the forthcoming cardinal sign. The Sun at the critical point of Gemini heralds the Sun’s ingress into cardinal Cancer and the powerful solstice. The Moon at the critical point of Sagittarius brings heightened feelings of wonder, adventure and possibilities for enlightenment just before it glides into the cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn. 29 adds up to 11, a master number, and demands experience before we can activate and share our wisdom.

We have 2 mutable signs and 2 cardinal signs in effect at this invigorating Solstice; prompting change and leadership in accordance with how we feel about situations and how we want to earth our fabulous ideas, projects and relationships.

We also have every element in operation with the Sun moving from Air (Gemini) to Water (Cancer) and the Moon moving from Fire (Sagittarius) to Earth (Capricorn). There are opportunities for everyone as we all have every sign somewhere in our chart.


A challenging aspect called a “T Square” between Mercury at 12° Gemini, squaring Neptune at 12° Pisces and opposing Saturn at 12° Sagittarius, which is also squaring Neptune, remains in play. This can create tension as fast thinking and talking Mercury spins its wheels against Saturn’s boundaries. Mr Reality Check, Saturn, asks for proof of the value of our ideas and direction – but can also get lost in the mystic mists of watery Neptune, which dissolves structures and encourages a connection with our intuition and the divine. If our intentions align with goodwill, our efforts should be rewarded.

All signs have positive and negative potential. In the negative, this Neptunian energy in Pisces can manifest as substance abuse; thumbing its nose at Saturn, which asks us to take responsibility. If the negative side is active, the clean up could be messy.

Jupiter in Virgo virgo

With Jupiter in the final months of its journey through Virgo and creating dynamic opportunities with the north node of the Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune, this time of transitions could be overwhelming. However, Jupiter in Virgo asks us to align our heart and soul motivation with selfless service and purity of spirit / Christ-consciousness.

The Mutable Cross is still in play

This mutable cross time can elicit anxiety as we feel pulled in different directions but forewarned is forearmed. Helpful remedies include meditation, silencing the inner critic, enjoying nature and creating a peaceful environment within our self and for others. It’s all about getting in touch with our higher consciousness, expanding our perception and releasing old patterns of thinking and being that no longer serve us, in order to access our wisdom.

The Astrological Chart for the Winter Solstice in Australia

June 2016 solstice chartIt’s time to celebrate the profound energy of the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere; and recognise and honour the amazing cycle of life, seasons, death and rebirth; and the invisible spark of energy that connects us all.

Lighting candles, burning essential oils or incense, enjoying flowers and other aspects of nature, music and dance are all life-affirming practices as we let go of the old and express gratitude for the light –either at its zenith or at its lowest and about to increase. The solstice is a peak moment and augurs transformation in our life. It could be buzzy at this full Moon as things all come together and culminate.

Light a candle and celebrate 

dreamstime_l_38548121 copy


Sun ingresses to Cancer at the Solstice

sea on sand

The Sun moves into Cancer and provides a focus for nurturing our self, friends and loved ones. It especially asks us to know, respect and honour who it is we come home to in our self as we progress along our unique spiritual journey. This is a beautiful energy that fosters empowerment of self and others in an atmosphere of compassion, sensitivity, devotion, imagination, creativity, illumination, gratitude and love.


A knew perception of and direction for life is on offer – let’s make it happen!

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