Relationships and the Libra lunar eclipse

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The moon relates to our emotions and, in Libra, emotional investment in relationships – family, friends, lovers, husband/wife, business partnerships and especially the relationship with our self.

If it’s a clear night, we will be graced with the sight of the full moon in Venus-ruled Libra at 10.47pm tonight, 23 March (Australian AEDT).

The Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra oppose each other at 3° 17’. It will be a very subtle eclipse. The shadow from the Earth will veil the moon so that it dims rather than totally conceals the light of the moon.


Female hands opening to light and holding zodiac sign for Libra. Horoscope symbols. Selective focus.


Libra values fairness, equality and harmony as well as freedom. It can sometimes hand over too much power in an effort to appease and retain pleasant relationships. The Libran energy pursues balance with charm and grace but can have difficulty with conflict, leading to self-sacrificing. This, in turn, may cause moodiness when truth remains unspoken and balance is lost.





The Sun moved out of watery Pisces and entered fiery Aries at the Equinox. The Sun is exalted in Aries – it loves being there and is very strong.

The Aries energy values freedom, independence, pioneering, justice and competition. It can be impulsive, energetic, charming, enthusiastic, decisive, impatient, domineering and easily bored. Our Aries side may not be in the mood to relate; preferring to move forward with our own goals. We need to be careful about ending up at a place of no return.


We all have Aries and Libra somewhere in our chart.Calm peaceful ocean and beach on tropical sunrise. Bali, Indonesia This full moon is asking us to be tranquil and release deeply buried emotions; face our fears and to shoot for the moon regarding our aims and ambitions. It cautions against getting stuck in scenarios that no longer serve us. What do we really want and are we standing in our own way? There’s opportunity for awakening and a new dawn.




A full moon brings completions and closures and an eclipse can add a wild card element in personal and external events.



The planet Mercury will also be involved at this eclipse. There is potential for heated words, criticism and discord. However, being  honest about the part our ego plays and ensuring integrity regarding our feelings and values can clarify the direction we need to take. Are relationships in balance?

Empowerment of self and others, honesty and relaxation will be helpful with any me-we friction.

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