Raz’s Epic Holidays


Flying and spurting flames are banned for Raz, the shape-shifting dragon, when he travels to Earth with his parents and sister, Sha. His mum lays down the law and stresses that he and Sha must remain in human form and not change back into their dragon bodies. He always has amazing fun and makes fabulous friends, though.

On their trips to Chinchariska, Egyptopia and Ariellan on Earth, Raz discovers ancient martial arts and learns about unseen energy; chats with the Sphinx and expands his thinking; stops the theft of precious relics; restores the force of the constellations; and helps the great goddess. His holidays are truly epic.

What villains and wondrous situations does Raz encounter that spark his warrior spirit and make him break his promise to his mum? Join Raz on each dazzling day and find out.


For 9-13 year olds

Extract from the second story, Egyptopia, in “Raz’s Epic Holidays”

Neptune is famous across the galaxy for its fantasy ice creams in dream-spun cones. Mum and Dad set out to find out what was going on at the information centre and I sped off to the ice cream shop across the road.

Eew, I thought, as a doll-phin in front of me ordered a sardine ice cream in a seaweed cone. As she stood to the side of the display, the array of glittering choices made me drool. Mm, which one to choose? I couldn’t make up my mind.

The doll-phin grabbed her smelly, leafy, greenish-brown cone with a Neptunian trident biscuit and a fish tail sticking out of the sparkly grey ice cream. I looked away and gasped for air that didn’t smell fishy.

A huge brown blobby thing behind me coughed as though hurrying me to make a decision. I was still choosing so I suggested he order first.

I couldn’t believe it! He ordered a fart flavoured ice cream in a snot cone. This foul smelling cloudy thing in a pale-green glistening cone that squished as he grabbed it appeared and I decided to make up my mind quickly and get out of there.

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