Pisces eclipse: Doona day or divinely inspired?

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Take note of the important eclipse occurring at 12.54 pm on 9 March 2016, AEDT, with both the Sun and Moon at 18° 55’ Pisces.

Eclipses can herald changes in our life.

The mystical new Moon and sensitive Sun total solar eclipse in Pisces encourages the manifestation of visions connecting heaven and earth, letting go of old ways of thinking and acting (once we’ve identified they don’t serve us well), healing, joy, wisdom and oneness.

The Pisces energy is strong right now. It asks us to recognise and dissolve dualistic thinking and action; and to integrate the masculine and feminine energies within to bring wisdom into balance in a holistic way.

What’s happening at this eclipse in Pisces?

9 March 2016 eclipse chartDynamism is created by different vibrational energies involving Neptune (mysticism, fantasy and dissolving boundaries), Chiron (the wounded healer) and the South Node of the Moon (releasing, surrender) aligning with the Sun and Moon in Pisces; Jupiter (expansion) and the North Node of the Moon (destiny) opposing in Virgo; Saturn (reality check) challenging in Sagittarius; and Uranus (sudden breakthrough) in Aries forming an awkward aspect but requiring us to work with this energy for success.

There may be fortunate opportunities, healing moments and sudden realisations of attitudes to let go of which makes way for more joy. Leaps of faith may be on the cards but details may need to be checked.

We all have Pisces somewhere in our birth chart and used positively, this vibration supports all forms of creativity, music and the arts, spirituality, compassion and unity. Utilised in an unconstructive way it can give rise to escapism, confusion, rampant, unhelpful ideology, overwhelm, depression, delusion and alcohol/drug extremes.

It may affect the mutable, flexible, season-ending signs more than others – Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.


Balance our male and female energies

We’re invited to surrender any views that highlight separation and use our intuition and love to access a future featuring our divinity.

The creative energy of the divine is non-dualistic.


Our challenge is to separate the wheat from the chaff (Virgo) regarding our ego; retain the life sustaining elements of ego and discard conditioning and learned behaviour manifesting through anger, abuse of power, fear, jealousy, prejudice etc.

Where is your soul calling you?




What happens at a solar eclipse?

Eclissi solare, spazio terra luna sole

A solar eclipse only occurs at a new moon and when the nodes of the moon are close. The moon and sun are in the same neighbourhood in space and the moon travels between the Earth and the sun, blocking our view. Solar eclipses can only be seen if we’re in the particular path of the eclipse.

During an eclipse, the electromagnetic field on Earth is disrupted and it’s helpful to meditate, especially in the days leading up to the eclipse, and calmly ground our self in line with our higher purpose.


This eclipse occurs over Indonesia

320px-SE2016Mar09TThe path of the total solar eclipse is focused on Indonesia. Southern and most of Eastern Australia will not be able to see this eclipse but it may be partly visible in Northern and Western regions.

The energies of the eclipse will still be felt whichever part of the world we’re in.






The next eclipse occurs on the 23 March with a lunar eclipse in Libra opposite the sun in Aries – more later.

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