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The energy of the new Moon at 14° 53’ of Gemini on Sunday 5 June 2016 at 12.59 pm AEST (3 am UK time) might be all over the shop! It highlights a mutable grand cross, which can pull us in many different directions and have us pinging from one scenario to the next. Instability is rife!

We’re at a point, which may have links to June of 2012, 2008, 2004 and 2000. What was going on in your life then? It’s time to close that chapter.

Mutable energy refers to the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, which equates to the time of the year when we are preparing for a season change. Gemini is the sign before Cancer and Cancer time changes the season to winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern hemisphere.

Mutable energy can be fickle and unstable as it transmutes the seasonal energy from fixed to cardinal (Taurus to Cancer in this case). It asks us to be flexible and dexterous and to be willing to pick up information from many different sources so that we can change our fixed opinion (Taurus) if we need to and be sure we have the facts and stories to inform our leadership (Cancer) of the seeds of the projects we’re planting at this Gemini new Moon. With Taurus energy (Mercury is in Taurus) there are some things that we won’t sell out for and we need to protect these values. If we’re just being stubborn, though, it’s time to let go.

On Sunday, 5 June, we will have the Sun, Moon and Venus all at 14° of Gemini. This can be a time of thoughts and conversations (Gemini) about love and values (Venus). It can be gorgeous, exciting, uncertain and wild!

There is the grand cross in play, though, that involves Saturn at 12° 59’ of Sagittarius opposing the Sun, Moon and Venus at 14° Gemini; Jupiter at 14° 17’ of Virgo, in a dynamic relationship as it’s squaring the Gemini energies; and Neptune at 12° 01’ of Pisces also squaring the Gemini energies.

Saturn energy is limiting and restrictive. It’s asking us to make sure we have the right foundations in place for the success of our fiery Sagittarian dreams. Saturn in Sagittarius can be conflicted because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and wants to expand. Saturn wants to contract. Jupiter says “yes” but Saturn says “no”. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius says, “Bigger, farther, better” but Saturn delivers the reality check. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to reassess whether the form of our dreams is right for us – are they based in our truth and will they deliver the best for us?

Jupiter in earthy Virgo is also encouraging us to look at the details even though Jupiter prefers to think big. Virgo energy is the master-craftsperson. It separates the wheat from the chaff and strives for purity. In Virgo, the planet of expansion, wisdom and abundance (Jupiter) insists on a risk-managed plan and a focus on the highest spirituality based on service to all.

Neptune in Pisces is magical, creative, at one with the universe but can be deceptive. The nebulous energy can bring out the poet in us or leave us lost in a mist of illusions. Intuition (Neptune in Pisces) may clash with the mind (Gemini) and leave us unsure at best or deluded at worst.

The Gemini energy will encourage us to think and talk about anything and everything and connect us with people, places and things. It may be important to really know what we want in our projects and relationships.

Plant your intentions with the Sun, New Moon and Venus together but remember where! Everything is weird and can leave us with a feeling of not knowing, especially of how to let go of the past.

Remember to keep centred. The New Moon with Venus and the Sun is beautiful energy. Wishing you lots of love!

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