Mercury and moments of mayhem

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It’s time to reflect, review and revise; and the beach or other tranquil place could be the perfect place for it.

Mercury retrogrades on Friday September 18th (AEST) asking us to contemplate and be honest, especially about how we communicate in personal, family or business relationships.

During this retrograde cycle, Mercury is in the sign of Libra – an energy that values diplomacy, relationships, equal partnerships, fairness and win-win solutions.

Mercury is known as the trickster and when it retrogrades things can go haywire– there could be frazzled moments, disagreements or rash words spoken that need to be managed, resolved or let go of.

There are positives to reach for and here are a few tips for working with Mercury Retrograde in Libra

  • Allow yourself time to establish a calm and clear manner in all conversations
  • Ask yourself if you’re communicating from your higher consciousness– change your approach if necessary
  • Review any situation you find yourself in that’s causing you concern. There may be an option to reschedule and walk away for now
  • Check and double check appointments, arrangements and schedules– you or others could make mistakes
  • Be aware that you may have to re-do things over these next few weeks and be at peace with that
  • Aim for balance in your life and relationships
  • Use this time to reassess your beliefs and attitudes and let go of any unhealthy thoughts that don’t serve your highest purpose
  • Re-evaluating, reforming, revising, reviewing and re-inventing are all positive ways to work with the energy. Mercury retrograde relates to most terms with “re” in front of it, so choose what’s relevant to you
  • Re-create and rejoice!

Mercury will “station” or stop and resume its forward path on October 10th, although remnants of its retrograde mayhem can hang around for 2 weeks after that.


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