Libran new moon – me or we?

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There’s a new moon at 19° 20’ of Libra on Tuesday October13th 2015 at 11.05 am AEDT.

A new moon is the time to plant seeds and set new intentions. In Libra, it especially favours new starts around relationships (all sorts), fairness, justice and love.

Ruled by Venus, Libran energy excels in art, design, the law, beauty, charm, public relations and mediation. It’s also an air sign so it’s intellectual but can spend a lot of time weighing things up. Libran energy craves balance and harmony.

The new moon is opposite Uranus in Aries – could be wild with the unexpected!

The focus of activity depends on where planets and points in Libra are in your chart and which perspective we’re coming from – me or we?

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