Happy intimate and powerful full moon at 2° 30’ of Scorpio on Friday 22 April, at 3.23 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Full moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite astrological signs and the Moon receives the light of the Sun, unimpeded by Earth. It calls us to balance our Scorpio and Taurus energies, which we all have somewhere in our chart.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by transformative Pluto and action planet, Mars. Scorpio is intense, passionate, mysterious and will cut to the bone to uncover motives and truth. We will be accessing the depths of our heart, soul and feelings; shifting old patterns and opening up to change.

The Sun has just moved from fiery, high-energy Aries into the fixed, earth sign of Venus-ruled Taurus. Taurus energy places importance on practicality and building a beautiful, solid, secure environment characterised by value for money and high quality.

Full moons often bring completion, closure and culmination. The watery, emotional Scorpio energy may bring truths, secrets and fears to the surface and ask us whether we really want something or not. Given the luxurious predilections of the Taurus Sun, it may prompt us to assess whether our standards are being met.

A number of planets are retrograde at this full moon.

Mars, which concerns our personal drive, sexuality, assertiveness and anger is now retrograde in fiery Sagittarius until June 30th. This could feel uncomfortable as the planet of go, go, go in expansive Sagittarius is being held back. Frustrations could bubble over to anger if we’re not mindful.

Pluto turned retrograde in Capricorn on Tuesday calling us to delve into the underworld, tune into our soul, and confront our fears and illusions. It emphasizes transforming our conditioning to express ourselves consciously, authentically and with integrity. Self-empowerment and the empowerment of others is always favoured over insecurity and manipulation.

Mercury in Taurus is in its shadow phase and will turn retrograde next Friday, 29th, until May 23rd. Mercury relates to how we think, reason and communicate and is also asking us to turn inwards and re-evaluate our ideas, goals and tactics.

Productive focus for our energy is on reflecting, reviewing and strategising in relation to our goals. Do we have the right structures in place to support the best outcomes?

It’s an introspective time and also one of great insights.

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