jspencer-gypsyt-cover-printJust before her fifteenth birthday, Gypsy’s life takes a catastrophic turn. The folio she had slaved over to win a scholarship to Art College is wrecked in a crazy schoolboy skirmish.

Gripped by misery, she trudges through the park with her dog. There she encounters Janna, an artist wearing a veil, who offers to coach Gypsy to produce new art pieces.

Is Gypsy imagining the whispers and sparks of light hushing around the amazing veil Janna’s wearing? And why does Janna forbid her touching it?

Gypsy’s ten-day struggle to pick up the pieces of her dream is entwined with ancient wisdom; a journey of self-awareness with five school friends; the jealousy of her girlfriends; and betrayal– including her own.

A fabulous and mystical occurrence, where the amazing veil transforms her into an Egyptian Priestess and she disappears into the Temple of Lunu to participate in a glorious full moon ceremony, leads to a dawning realisation of her cosmic significance and a destiny she realises she must embrace.

Gypsy T and the Amazing Veil is available to order from any bookshop.

Australian retailers can order via Lightning Source Australia and international orders from retailers can be placed through Ingram.

ISBN 978-0-9943860-1-4

It’s a positive and uplifting story with transformative and mystical twists for 11-15 year olds and above.

Transformative themes that encompass the values of self-belief, trailblazing, respect and mindfulness; together with the significance of rejecting limiting behaviours and patterns are blended with a fabulous story.

Mysterious, other-worldly incidents launch Gypsy’s exploration of the mystical within a positive and safe environment.

Ideas including art,fractals, patterns, science, creativity, symbolism, the esoteric and the meaning of life are encouraging aspects throughout the story. At the same time, Gypsy and her school friends lurch through scenes of jealousy, spite and betrayal.

In the crucible of ten days, Gypsy discovers that she has a strong and fated connection to the veil and ancient Egypt; and realises that she and her friends have incarnated for a purpose of global and cosmic significance.

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