Eclipsed Aries Full Moon: Me – We

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Keep an eye on the need to balance energy and feelings related to ego, truth and fairness both in our own relationships and lives and on a global level. This could be an intense time where it can be helpful to focus on mutual empowerment; and respect for male and female energies.

Aries energy wants to get what it wants, now! Aries is happy to press forward on it’s own if that’s the way it has to be; yet the Sun in Libra – the energy that values partnerships, balanced relationships, harmony, equality, justice and fairness– is in exact opposition.

We all have Aries and Libra energy in our astrology chart so the influence will relate to your unique birth chart.

Eclipses can herald blind spots or hidden agendas that we may not realise or may not “come to light” until some time later.

It’s been coined a ‘blood moon’ because the light from the Sun refracts differently in the atmosphere when the Earth blocks it shining on the Moon. During an eclipse, the atmosphere filters out or scatters blue light, leaving the rusty, orange-red light, which falls onto the Moon.

It is rare and the last of a series – a tetrad – where four consecutive lunar eclipses are all total eclipses of the Moon.

We won’t see the eclipse in Australia because it happens during our daytime– Monday 28 September, 12.50 pm (AEST).

Happy viewing in other places of the world such as the USA during the evening and after midnight in the UK!

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