Capricorn full moon – inspired creativity

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A glow of inspired creativity is possible at the full Moon at 27° 40’ of Capricorn at 8.56 am, on Wednesday 20 July Australian EST or Tuesday 19 July at 10.57 pm UK, GMT.

A full moon shines a light on a particular area of our life, depending where the sign, house and relationships with other planets are emphasised in our chart. This one is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, highlighting the achievement of our ambitions over the fullness of time.

Crackling weekend energy just before the full moon

The energy of the cosmic-scape leading up to the full moon can be one of sudden epiphanies, breakthroughs or realisations. In the negative, shocking, disruptive and lightning fast events, like the ones we’ve seen globally, may continue to manifest.

This weekend, Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom, innovation and rebellion continues its journey through fabulous, cardinal (leadership) Aries. Mars-ruled Aries is a mover and shaker and the epitome of sunny, spiritual optimism.

Mars, the warrior planet, can also be aggressive and war-like especially as it forms an awkward energy with Uranus. The Mars energy may not recognise that it is going over the top or being the rebel without a cause.

Uranus forms a square aspect with both the Sun and Moon and, at the full moon, creates a dynamic T-square energy, which can be stressful. Taut, provocative emotions, if allowed to run rampant, could lead to unfortunate consequences.


Beautiful, healing Grand Water Trine

sea on sandAdding to the mix is a harmonious grand trine in the element of water, which brings hope for healing and a sense of being able to achieve whatever we want. The Sun in cardinal Cancer, trines (flows sweetly with) Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces (mutable water) and Mars (drive) in Scorpio (fixed water).

There is always a polarity of positive and negative, though. Mars in Scorpio can support our actions by delving into our psyche for the absolute truth on which to base our actions. In the negative, Scorpio energy can inflame our emotions to rage, vengeance or other destructive processes.

There is room for the pioneer and the poet, however.

Chiron in Pisces is asking us to recognise one-ness and spirituality. This profound vitality of water wants us realise the need to express any feelings of hurt in a healthy way. Ask for depth of understanding and nurturing (Sun in Cancer). When we bring our truth to the surface we empower the water energy to wash away pain and allow us to heal and move on.

Ironically, the Cancer groove is not great at letting go (the crab pincers are there for a reason). Sun in Cancer highlights our need for security, especially regarding our feelings and for home, family and friends. It is a nurturing, psychic and creative energy. Wherever Cancer manifests in your chart, it is extraordinarily profound and excruciatingly sensitive. Before being able to move on in a healthy state, Cancer energy needs to be understood and acknowledged.


Therapeutic activities are cathartic



So, this grand water trine may drive us to take a deep dive into our feelings; wash our wounds clean and invite healing. The arts, music, dance, poetry, writing, singing, meditation, yoga, creativity, humour and exploration of mysticism and the healing arts can be powerful cathartic and therapeutic avenues. Your sixth sense may help you to know what to do.



Full Moon in a Kite Aspect

Capricorn full moon kite



The full moon in Capricorn adds a fourth energy to the grand water trine and forms an aspect known as a kite – because it looks like one.

The moon in cardinal, earthy, Capricorn is opposite the sun in cardinal, watery, Cancer. They get on well as both are yin, feminine energies and both crave security but in different ways.



Rely on the Capricorn energy

sea goat

Capricorn seeks security through its outward expression in the world. It has a strong, protective streak, especially towards loved ones. Capricorn is a sometimes shy but ambitious energy that will stick to and adapt to the path until it reaches the pinnacle of success. It manifests through working hard, with a dignified sense of authority and regard for tradition.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (Chronos/Time) and understands that treasure takes time and a regard for duty to attract and appreciate. At the full moon, Mercury (thinking and communicating) and Venus (love, beauty, values) will be in big-hearted, playful Leo and having fabulous fun with Saturn in Sagittarius (optimistic, explorer and searcher of meaning).

At the same time, Saturn continues to square (dynamic and possibly stressful) Neptune. It favours bringing our most wonderful dreams to earth and manifesting them in light and life.


signs of the zodiacCapricorn energy will be much needed as it blesses the full moon. As the tail of the kite pattern, it may bear the brunt of free-flowing emotions. It may be called on to provide sensible balance to direct the creativity of the grand water trine to manifest in positive ways, rather than over-sensitivity and indulgence.




This full moon can bring tears of joy, clarity and inspiration; or frustration and despair. Focusing on love and creativity can help us awaken to bliss and true freedom.

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