Cancer New Moon, intuition and chocolate!

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Intuition is strong at the new Moon at 9pm (AEST) or 12 noon in England, Monday 4 July, at 12° 53” of Cancer – a sign known for imagination, instinct, mothering and culinary skills.

The Sun (life-force), Moon (feelings), Mercury (thinking and communicating) and Venus (love, beauty, pleasure and values) are all in Cancer; Mars (our drive and action) is finally going forward, slowly, in Scorpio; and Neptune (spirituality, creativity, boundary-less) and Chiron (wounding and healing) are both in Pisces. Depth of feelings and creativity abound with this watery energy.


Connecting from the heart with loving kindness and listening to our sixth sense are messages for zodiacthis time. Cancer is a cardinal (season-changing, action-oriented) sign and is rich in psychic, intuitive understandings. It’s helpful to trust our gut and be guided by the strength of our feelings.

We’re focusing on how we feel about our life at this new moon and which people and circumstances we want to encourage. Cancer is a powerful water energy and we all have Cancer somewhere in our chart. Let the energy bubble up and wash away any negative emotions in order to move forward with sparkling plans.


The challenging square energy between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces continues for another 5 months. Our best efforts may feel wobbly or have been washed out to sea. We may feel unsure about who or what to trust or believe in. It will pass, eventually.

At the new Moon, relationships may be seen in a new light because of Pluto in Capricorn opposing Venus in Cancer. Pluto can be about power plays, bombastic opinions, the establishment and fear. These are held up for questioning and transformation. How do we feel about whatever’s happening in our life and what will we do about it? Freedom, independence and risk- taking are also available with the planet of sudden change, Uranus, in Aries, in a dynamic conversation with the transiting planets in Cancer and Capricorn.


Roses, chocolate and coffee beansThe Sun and the Moon in Cancer allows us to access the wisdom of our past and use it to set new intentions at the new moon. Cancer is the most feminine sign and symbolises nurturing and mother, amongst other things. Being a good mum to our self is something to activate and, with Venus there – self-indulgence is okay!



Metaphorically, we can look at the colours of our life gleaming through the prism of light and water at the beautiful Cancer new Moon. Pay attention to those you love best; stand strong in your truth; and enjoy your rainbow!




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