Blue Moon in Sagittarius!

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Happy full moon at 1° 13’ of Sagittarius at 7.14 am on Sunday 22 May, Australian Eastern Standard Time (Saturday night in the UK).

Sagittarian energy is fiery, optimistic, truth seeking, explorative and expansive; and because the full moon occurs at such an early degree we will have a second full moon at 29° Sagittarius on June 20th – which is why it’s called a blue moon.

The moon will be opposite the sun at 1° 13’ of Gemini and Gemini loves to connect people, places and things. We all have Sagittarius and Gemini somewhere in our birth chart and the combination of these energies can be exciting, energetic and fast-paced.

Venus in Taurus is close to the Sun in Gemini, so it’s also an opportunity to nurture ourselves in beautiful ways such as listening to music, singing, dance, cooking, gardening, being in nature or whatever appeals. Friendships and fabulous conversations are also highlighted.

We can use these dynamic energies to access our inner flame of passion and purpose, acknowledge our own truth and align our values with a far-reaching and transformative blueprint for our future.

As the energy builds at the full moon we do need to be consciously alert because Mars will be strongly in the picture, opposing the Sun and Venus – the feminine principle.

Mars relates to action, drive, passion and assertion. Operating in the negative it can be aggressive, irrational and unpleasant. This may act out both on the world stage and in our own environment.

As the moon is about our emotions we could find ourselves in a situation, inadvertently, that is characterised by hurt feelings, emotional revenge or escalating hostility about who’s right. Take corrective action and move away quickly if this occurs.

Hooray! Mercury moves forward on Monday 23 May when it stations direct. While that day can be a bit muddled, thought processes and communications are about to become a lot clearer. It’s been challenging to get stuff done!

Mars will remain retrograde until the end of June. This energy is useful for reevaluating where, how and why we place our attention ready for whizzing forward with our plans in July. Avoid succumbing to frustration in the meantime.

Wishing you a fabulous, jovial full moon!

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