Purity and reality – the Virgo Full Moon

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Endings and awakenings – the purity and reality of the Virgo full moon culminates at 3° 33’ at 5.19 am AEDT on Tuesday 23 February, 2016.

virgoEnjoy the beautiful, healing energies of the full moon in the pure, analytical and service-oriented earth sign of Virgo, while not getting lost in the mists of the Pisces vibration.

The Virgo full moon shines a spotlight on how we can improve ourself and world by manifesting our spiritual, compassionate, visionary dreams and bringing them to a tangible and workable realisation.

We all have Virgo and Pisces somewhere in our chart and the momentum of the experience will be felt wherever planets and chart points are in Virgo and Pisces.

It’s time to de-clutter and discard attitudes and scenarios that no longer enhance our life and future – both personally and collectively.

Emotions, feelings, sensitivity, dreams, intuition, creativity and spirituality may come to the fore with the Sun in Pisces. We may need to exercise patience and ground and integrate our sensitivities within our daily regime, healing, discerning and practical energies. We are called to move on from our fears, avoid escapism and heal our wounds.

Virgo Full Moon

Listen for messages regarding inspiration, joy, surrender and intuition. Let go of tendencies to over-analyse and worry but be realistic.

With a background energy of Neptune at home in Pisces, things could get very elusive, mysterious and nebulous. It’s great for artistic and creative endeavours.

Taking care of all aspects of self, including balancing emotional, social and rational intelligence is a good way to honour this full moon. So is engaging with whatever you feel passionate about while avoiding illusions and deceptions.

Acknowledging the good things in our life; expressing appreciation and meditating on gratitude is always helpful.


Virgo full moon 2016Full moons occur when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun in the sky from our perspective on Earth. That is, when the Moon is on one side of the Earth and the Sun is on the opposite side. In this instance, the Sun is in Pisces (with Neptune and Chiron) and the Moon is in Virgo, which is the opposite sign of Pisces.

Jupiter (expansion and inspiration) and the North Node (destiny, where we’re headed) are also in Virgo for several more months. This will help us to understand our feelings that realise we have to manifest the dreams of Pisces and master ourself if we want to achieve and be the best we can be.

The fixed star Regulus is now at 0° of Virgo and in the same part of the sky as the full moon. Regulus has always been known as the Royal Star because of its long-established position in the Leo part of the sky. I see the movement of Regulus into Virgo as humanity working collectively and individually to honour and respect balance between the male and female principles and heralding a slow shift in authority from the privileged to all of us. Giving, receiving, caring, sharing and compassion become the standard, albeit slowly.


Coming up – this full moon is a pre-cursor to the new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9th 2016.

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