Mars retrograde – time for plotting rather than pioneering!

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It’s time for plotting rather than pioneering!

Mars, the planet of energy, action and drive; initiating new and exciting activities; and getting what we want is slowing down and will soon loop back over the same ground (turn retrograde) over several weeks. Mars retrograde only occurs every two years.

The Mars retrograde phase is ideal for strategizing; planning projects; reflecting on and re-jigging previous activities; and assessing whether we are applying our energy in the right place and in the best way. It asks us to make constructive changes to schemes that may not be practical or purposeful; and reconsider any tendencies towards impulsiveness and anger. This energy may not favour initiating or launching new activities as the power or “oomph” required may not be there to support our goals. We may not be successful or we may have to retrace our steps.

Mars retrogrades from 17 April 2016 at 9° of Sagittarius and travels backwards until it reaches 23° of Scorpio on 30 June. However, there is also a shadow period because Mars will track back over the same ground three times.

Mars arrives at 23°of Scorpio on February 19th 2016, AEDT, and, from this point, is considered to be in shadow phase.

Mars will continue to move very slowly forward until it arrives at 9° of Sagittarius on April 17. Then, it retraces its steps until 30 June when it arrives back at 23°of Scorpio.

From 30 June, it moves forward but journeys over the same ground for a third time until it reaches 9° of Sagittarius again on 23 August.

Planets don’t actually move backwards. It’s how it appears; just like when we’re in a faster moving train or other vehicle and next to a slower moving one – it looks like the slower train is going backwards. Nevertheless, retrograde energy is strong and inwards focused.

When we know our natal astrological chart and which house Mars is transiting, we know how and where this energy may show up in our life.

It’s a good time to take it easy!

Professor Brian Cox explains the retrograde loop of Mars:


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