Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year

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Happy Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 7 February 2016, AEDT.

It may have been a limiting start to 2016 with Mercury retrograde and the Sun and the January new Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

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The energy of the new moon heralding the Chinese New Year introduces a breath of zaniness and new starts supported by Uranus-ruled Aquarius. Innovative, electric thinking and exchanges of ideas, friendships, eccentricity, humanitarian concerns, a healthy dose of detachment and working towards our ideals are all in!

The new moon at 19° of Aquarius will be in dynamic/tense aspect (square) to Mars. Mars, the warrior planet of action and drive, is in fixed, deep, intense Scorpio. We need to be mindful of finding healthy, loving, constructive outlets for extreme feelings and passion. Aggression or inadvertently hurting the feelings of others is best avoided. We can choose to use our energy positively to find solutions to any issues. Balance is key.

Chinese New Year is also celebrated at this new moon. Chinese New Year always falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. It relates to the preparation for spring in the northern hemisphere. Some ancient cultures honour the seasonal and natural cycles for their festivals. It makes much more sense to me than numbers on the Gregorian calendar.

It’s the year of the fire monkey – exuberant, playful, smart, witty, creative and inventive and also a trickster.

It’s time to follow our heart’s desire, shake it up, tackle tricky situations and go for it!

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