Leave old patterns at the gate

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Happy new year, everyone. It’s time to leave old patterns at the gate.

The energy is harmonious right now with Jupiter (optimism) and the North Node of the Moon (destiny) having a conversation in Virgo. We can be fabulous and productive when we make appropriate adjustments to our lifestyles or anything that’s a bit dodgy. Let’s go for the magic, the smiles and fun while we’re at it!

Unusually, all the planets are travelling in forward motion right now – enjoy it for a few more days!

As the Sun is in Capricorn, it’s encouraging us to create structures and discipline to support our goals. It’s the time of the year that many of us make resolutions anyway. What are you here to be?

2016 is a 9 year in numerology, encouraging wisdom and the release of limiting thoughts to create breakthroughs. Today, January 1st 2016 adds up to the master number of 11 supporting us to walk through the gate to a new reality if we tune in and step up.

It’s time to let go of old patterns and situations that no longer serve our best self.  Make some time to be peaceful and move forward with confidence, right attitude and flexibility.

Heads up: Mercury will retrograde 4 times this year – it’s usually only 3 times. First retrograde occurs on January 6 at 1 degree Aquarius before transiting back into Capricorn. Mars, the planet of our drive, energy and direction will retrograde in April – but more on that later.


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