Nurturing Christmas Moon

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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas under the beautifully nurturing full Moon in Cancer at 22.11 (10.11 pm) 25 December, 2015, Australia AEDT.

Yes, it’s special. A full moon always brings culminations and it’s always in opposition or polarity vibration to the Sun (in Capricorn this time).

Cancer is an intuitive, sensitive, loving sign and the Moon is at home here. It’s perfect for family get togethers, reminiscing and feeling at one with whoever you are with – including and especially ourself. Cancer energy is driven by nurturing. Capricorn is known, from an earthly focus, as ambitious – but it is an earth sign that, from another perspective, is on a path up the mountain to higher soul growth.

We all have Cancer and Capricorn energy somewhere in our astrology chart. Together, this lunar event is a gorgeous energy and can be used to honour our individual and collective divinity.

There is a balance to be sought, so be open to change and listen to your higher self to connect with your true path.

The numerology is lovely! In the northern hemisphere the full moon is at 11.11 am and you may have read about that. Here, it’s at 22.11  – both are master numbers and 22.11 adds up to 33, a beautiful spiritual signal.

There are several harmonious energies to tap into over the next few days involving Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. Then on 27 December, Uranus stations to move direct in Aries at 16 degrees – putting a boost of energy into anything that has been wallowing since the end of July. We may have sudden awakenings or break-through ideas/situations.

Wishing you a festive season that is characterised by kindness, open-heartedness, and presence in every moment. If you’re open to change and look out for new opportunities you never know what messages you may receive. Merry Christmas!


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